Born in 1999, Atelier Martin Berger has earned its place within the world of the decorative arts thanks to its reputation for creating unique works using innovative technologies. Its modern mural pieces inspired by classical engraving techniques now adorn some of the finest establishments across the globe, spanning fashion houses, hotels, private residences, yachts, and palaces. Discover his projects.

Set on the quays of the Isère River in the French Alps, Martin Berger's workshop is the home of his imagination. New techniques allow him to experiment with works which harness the energy of the movement creating them. His artistic signature is based on precision, and is simultaneously powerful and refined, visible as much in the subtleties of variations in density as in the delicate play of light over the material. These trademarks mark the meeting point of construction and transformation, at the heart of which lies an ongoing quest to explore all possible states of the material. Discover his workshop.

Martin Berger was drawn to art by a thirst for understanding, and such curiosity lead him to create a body of work including painting, sculpture, photography and installation. His pieces are united in their attempts at blending the tactile with the visual, material with innovation, and the precision of technique. The living sculpture MLM (Matieral, Light, Movement) symbolises the delicate balance between the beauty of decorative arts and the creative freedom of plastic arts. Discover his artworks.

Matter is the embodiment of an idea born of form.