Martin Berger's formal education was received from the Louvre. He then experimented with fine woodcarving before moving on to manage an antiques gallery. His first workshop was based in Arizona, in partnership with a sculptor with whom he worked on ideas around the structure and balance of space. On his return to France in 1998, Martin Berger settled in Grenoble where he would create his eponymous workshop.

The mountainous surroundings provided enough respite for him to define his own process, his own signature, and his own vision. In the heart of the valley, he could research and experiment with new forms, with compositions, with the techniques and invention that fed his creativity.

Life in the workshop is in constant motion. Surrounded by colleagues from a multitude of disciplines and fueled by the desire for continuous development, Martin Berger explores the vastness of the material as much by a process of reflection as by experimentation. In his laboratory, curiosity is key to exploring the varied wealth that can be found in the universes of technology, science, and nature. Discover a video of the team!


Matter is the embodiment of an idea born of form.