18th Davies Street Gallery – Current

Discover the two large-scale, immersive works 'Into the Blue' (285 x 200cm) and 'Origine VII' (240 x 210 cm), presented for the first time in London since the end of 2017 at the 18th Davies Street Gallery.
Other works are available on demand, please contact the gallery directly for more information.

18th Davies Street Gallery - 18 Davies Street, W1K 3DS London.

AD MATIÈRES D’ART – March 2018

On the occasion of the first edition of 'AD Art Materials', the Atelier Martin Berger offers a hitherto unseen creation based on the two compositions 'Or Gris' and 'Or Blanc'
The geometric composition 'Or Gris' (Grey Gold), is constructed in micro cement with relief in ink and metallics. The piece resonates with its site: the Palace of Iéna, constructed by Auguste Perret. The architect's eponymous tower stands at the heart of the Alps in Grenoble, wherein lies the Atelier Martin Berger.
'Or Gris' subtly evokes the mineral wealth that is drawn from limestone and transformed to cement in order that man could strengthen his architectural creations.
Materials: Micro cement, metal, ink, oil and pigments
The variation 'Or Blanc' (White Gold) is a 'marqueterie', or assembly, of materials circling a heart of crystal. Across its surface, the state of the piece transforms continuously, moving from liquid to mineral, from powder to moisture, as it completes a physical organisation of matter that is both tangible and astounding.
'Or Blanc' invites us into the whiteness of nature. Snow, water and ice lies within this execution, where time itself is modifier for the elements.
Materials: Silica, limestone, pigments, genuine crystal
Whilst human architecture leads to the notion of performance and rapid execution in 'Or Gris', the architecture of nature and its 'Or Blanc' sends us back to the tireless stretching of time itself. These two original pieces both respond to and oppose each other, creating their own contrast of materials.

AD Matières d’Art - Palais d’Iéna, 9 Place d’Iéna - 75016 Paris.

Holiday House

An astonishing composition of bronze canvases (3mx3m). Exhibited at the Holiday House London event, in the Bismut & Bismut space.
Holiday House London hosts a charity event where a selection of talented interior architects and their partners design unique works for the exhibition. All funds raised are donated in their entirety to the Breast Cancer Reseach Foundation® (BCRF).

Holiday House London - 59 & 61 Hamilton Terrace, London NW8 9RG.