Constantly moving forward, Martin Berger continues to explore the vastness of art with rigour and awareness. His canvases, sculptures, hybrid compositions and mural installations all carry with them a sensitive vision of the environment and an interesting dialogue stemming from the two artistic languages with which he was raised; that of the interior from his stylist mother and of the exterior from his naturalist father.

His artistic signature centres around the vast, concentric gesture, and is apparent in both the painstaking work of the creation and preparation, and the complex use of colour within the many layers of each individual piece. MLM, Pudeur, Mare Nostrum and Silence are all artistic reactions to a set of circumstances and an interior environment, and each places Martin Berger on the frontier between the plastic and the decorative arts, blending the two and fusing them in a new style which remains equally devoted to both seemingly disparate art forms.

Matter is the embodiment of an idea born of form.