The calling card of the Atelier Martin Berger is development. Renowned for its combination of material and paper within mural compositions, the works created by the workshop harness both the flexibility and versatility of each component, marking an intersection between texture and density.

Working in close partnership with interior designers, Martin Berger creates mural installations which accentuate the aestheticism of each individual project, whether it be for a private residence, a yacht, or even a hotel. High fashion houses have long placed their trust in the workshop to develop models and produce hand-made finishings of outstanding quality, destined for boutiques across the globe.

The lasting links formed between artist and sponsor is due in no small part to Ariane Berger, Martin's representative and agent for over 15 years. The Atelier Martin Berger's place amongst the names of the decorative arts is thanks to both the time and the energy she continues to devote to building lasting relationships with the clients and international groups by whom the workshop has been sponsored.


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