More than simply an harmonious sound, PRANA, this sanskrit term is an expression of the vital breath which animates Martin Berger’s ‘MLM’. This performance is aim to combine two arts involving the movement, such as dance and plastic art.

Two female bodies move as one, meandering harmoniously within a space. They turn, gaze towards a single point; the heart of the mechanical being, anchored to the floor before them. Hypnotised, they approach gingerly, matching their movements to those of the ‘machine’ and mirroring its soothing, regular breathing.

Opposite, a spiral chases itself, dissected into twenty-four ‘time spaces’ animated by a mechanical skeleton within a three-metre square.

Majestic and discrete, this time-keeping installation emits a rhythm which directs the innate breathing of the two dancers. Art and body meet with a flourishing intensity, united by a single respiration.

Download PRANA Performance

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