"Le Lab de Réflexion" Podcast - December 2020

In his podcasts entitled "Le Lab de Réflexion", Thomas Schmit meets protagonists of the creative world and shares with the audience the contagious passions of the craftsmen, architects and designers he interviews.

At the end of this year, Martin Berger will address the themes that inspire him : “Movement, Light and Emotion”, the signature of his work. 

Part designer and part artist, Martin Berger experiments with the states and properties of matter. In his creations, the synthesis of light and movement evolves with the shadows of the day and with the motion of the observer. As a choreographer of matter, he draws his inspiration from nature and the dynamics of body gestures.

The podcast concludes with the important words “Let's not be afraid of anything and let's move forward,”, the motto of Atelier Martin Berger.

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